SRLPE Wheel Works: Custom Bicycle Wheels

Once you are ready to place an order with me for a custom wheel set, we will set up payment arrangements. Typically, I need a 50% down payment, and then will order the parts for your wheels. Once I complete your wheel build, I need the balance payment in full, and then will ship your wheels to you. During the building process, I keep you informed about the status of your wheels, usually by email wheel status reports.

My wheel building process is labor-intensive, and during this phase of the process I develop the value in your custom wheels:

1. Inspect and prepare the parts for building your custom wheels.

2. Lace the wheels, using spoke prep on the spoke threads and grease on the nipple bearing surfaces.

3. Initial spoke pre-tensioning.

4. Setting spoke heads in the hub and forming the spokes.

5. Initial truing and dishing.

6. Spoke tensioning and stress relieving.

7. Intermediate truing and dishing.

8. Checking spoke tensions, rim true and dish.

9. Fine tuning spoke tensions, true and dish to wheel design and stress relieving.

10. Measuring spoke tension and true, confirming dish.