SRLPE Wheel Works: Custom Bicycle Wheels

We start our predesign by gathering general information about you and your bike, here's what we need:

1. Determine your approximate riding weight (body weight, riding gear, water, pack and anything you usually carry with you on your rides). You can hold this stuff together in your arms and weigh it all together by stepping on your bathroom scale if you have one, and then write down the weight. You can also estimate your riding weight if you need to.

2. Write down the manufacturer and model of your bike, and diameter of your wheels.

3. Tell me what geographic location(s) you ride in, their typical characteristics, and describe your riding style (e.g. racing, endurance, recreational, adventure).

4. When you climb, are you sitting and spinning your pedals, or are you out of your saddle and up on your feet mashing your pedals?

5. When you descend, do you desire speed control and stability, or tracking and maximum speed?

6. When you corner, do you brake all the way around, or do you initially brake and then accelerate out of the corner?

7. When you come to an obstacle, do you try to ease over it by temporarily underweighting your bike, swerve around the obstacle, or bomb through/over it?

8. How long do you need your wheels to last?

9. Are you likely to do periodic maintenance on your wheels: monthly, seasonally, annually?

10. If you notice a problem, for example an out of true wheel, will you likely get it taken care of right away, continue to ride until it becomes a critical issue, or ride it till it breaks?

11. Do you do all of your own maintenance on your wheels, or do you have a mechanic at your bike shop do it?

12. Do you ride through mud or water, or in rainstorms that could get moisture into your hub bearings? Do you wipe down or wash off your wheels after getting them muddy?

13. Do you have a budget in mind for your wheels?

14. Do you have a target weight in mind for your wheels?

Once you have this information, click on the "Contact" tab and either call or email me with your information. I will contact you if I have any questions or need additional information. Then I will get started on a custom wheel design for you, which I will present to you for your consideration.